Payments Infrastructure,
for Cardano.

Automate your billing operations on Cardano, so you can focus on growth.


What is Supra?

Supra helps creators and sellers easily accept payments on Cardano. With Supra, you can set up products, create checkout links, and sell your items.

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A complete solution for Cardano payments

Extremely Secure

From implementing multi-sig transactions, to our decision not to store any funds on the platform, Supra is built from the ground up with security as our top-priority.


After security, ease-of-use is our next priority. Our carefully designed dashboard makes accepting payments on Cardano accessible to everyone.

Multiple Token Support

Buy and sell products and services in stable coins such as DJED and iUSD. Supra also supports payments in ADA and many other native tokens.

Instant settlement

Funds are sent to the seller directly as part of the transaction created by the customer. No need to withdraw manually or wait for funds to appear in your wallet.

Test & Live Environments

Our test environments allow users to try Supra on Cardano's preproduction (Testnet) network before selling any products for real on Mainnet.

Payments Analytics

Compare the success of different products, or view your historical revenue growth over time. Keeping a record of payments over time allows you to better understand trends in your payments.